BBC publishes listener figures, podcast downloads and shares iplayer consumption stats

I stumbled upon this the other night, I am not sure how new it is. The BBC are hosting this page which includes the latest (Mar 09) data for each radio station breaking down average weekly unique listeners, and monthly live listening hours as well as podcast download figures.

BBC Radio Usage

This data also comes as I found a great article looking under the hood of the BBC iPlayer, featuring an interview with Anthony Rose the head of iPlayer. The article throws up some great stats,

iPlayer usage on the iPhone is very popular and it’s growing strongly month on month. Here’s a fun stat: iPlayer usage, for streaming, peaks about 10pm –- just a little later from TV. But interestingly, iPlayer on the iPhone peaks at about midnight. So people are clearly going to bed with their iPhone and watching in bed. And we also see on the weekends, there’s a peak of Saturday and Sunday morning usage at about 8 to 10am in the morning on iPhone.

as well as hinting at version 3 coming out in the summer,

Although at the moment (iPlayer Desktop) is just a download system, in due course it’s going to grow to become more part of the Web site. You’ll be able to optionally log in to get enhanced iPlayer services: pre-booking, the equivalent of series link, and you’ll be able to see which programmes you’re subscribed to for automatic download.

lead-bbc-iplayer-uncoveredThe full article is on Cnet UK and is worth reading.

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