Free Wifi in the UK

Free Wifi across the country could soon become a reality if the trials being undertaken by Freerunner are a success. Initially available in schools, libraries and other commercial establishments, the aim is to roll this service out to a wider audience over time.

This is the first time we are seeing proper ‘free’ Wi-Fi available on a wide scale and look forward to it growing to other parts of the country.

You can read the full story here. With thanks to Techfluff TV for tweeting the story.

Spotify to launch an iPhone app

spotify-logoThe founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek has announced a new iPhone app will be coming shortly, but only to paid up premium members. In a move which I think is great for encouraging new subscribers, this new iPhone app will plug a growing request from Spotify users to take the service on the road. Such a service also has the potential to impact on Itunes sales which still had the portability advantage over Spotify.

There is currently no official announcment on when the app will be available.

I still have a bunch of invites available if you aren’t already enjoying Spotify. Leave a comment if you would like one.

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Bookmarks for May 14th from 17:54 to 20:51

These are my bookmarks for May 14th from 17:54 to 20:51:

  • Google LatLong: Tips & Tricks: Jog your memory with saved locations – For places I don't visit frequently, the hardest part about finding them on Google Maps can be remembering the right address. The dentist's office or a museum, for example — places I've found on Google Maps before, but not quite recently enough to remember the exact address to search for a second time. Fortunately, when I'm signed in to my Google account, Google Maps automatically saves the addresses I search for. The Saved Locations list can hold up to 100 different places — an indispensable address book that I add to each time I search for somewhere new.
  • Waiting for the Billionth Download – O’Reilly Radar – Over the next week, the iTunes App Store is set to record its billionth download, an impressive milestone given that it launched less than a year ago. Granted the actual usage of most apps is spotty. To mark the event, I'm updating a few charts that I produced for previous posts.
  • #googlefail – Twitter Search – The trending twitter topic of Google #fail
  • Apple has made no more than $20-45m in revenue from the app store « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog – About a month ago Apple announced that one billion iphone apps have been downloaded in the first nine months. That’s an amazing number. I wondered how much money Apple was making from the app store.
  • Reports point to widespread Google outages | Digital Media – CNET News – Many people found Google's search site was extremely slow or inaccessible Thursday, and other reports pointed to troubles with other properties including YouTube, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Docs, AdSense, and Blogger.
  • It’s Down! The Day Google Stood Still (Updated) – ReadWriteWeb – We have seen our fair share of failures from web based products, but this morning, for a large number of users (at least in the U.S.), it looks like every Google service has been either wiped off the Internet or is running extremely slow for a large number of users. Even Google Search is only creeping along slowly right now, and YouTube, Google Reader, Blogger, Google Analytics, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Apps are pretty much unavailable as well.
  • Cloudy day: Google falters; Packets lost in key cities | Between the Lines | – We’re getting various reports via that Google services are down or at least sucking some serious wind. The service appears to be back as of noon-ish EDT in New York City, but packets are still being lost around the globe. The fail whale Google style:

Did Google just lose 5 million dollars? #Googlefail

Wow, Google fell over today. There have been no shortage of articles about it, so you don’t need me to write more. But here is the interesting thing.If they say that around 14% of their traffic struggled or failed today they could be looking at a potential drop in daily revenue of around 14%.

So, if you take Q1 earnings as the guide, they made around $369 m per day in revenue from (excluding network and licensing income). If 14% of today’s audience could not see or click, they could stand to lose around $5m. Small change to a giant like Google, but an expensive mistake.

For reference, these are purely estimations at best, using what information that is publicly available.

During early trading on the Nasdaq, Google also saw a drop in share price of around 5 bucks which would have added to the financial ‘challenges’ they had today.

To be fair, they have pretty straight about the problem. Its got to see they are human after all!

Google Answer
Google's Response

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These are my bookmarks for May 14th from 12:56 to 16:39:

Bookmarks for May 13th from 22:03 to 22:46

These are my bookmarks for May 13th from 22:03 to 22:46:

Bookmarks for May 12th from 13:28 to 16:43

These are my bookmarks for May 12th from 13:28 to 16:43: